NSD won the Pat Conroy Spirit Award at Brisbane Eisteddfod

Placed in every section at Brisbane Eisteddfod

All performance Teams Qualified for Nationals with Dancelife Unite Brisbane


Brisbane Eisteddfod - Every dance placed in top 3

BPAC Eisteddfod - Every dance placed in top 3

Dancelife Unite - Every dance placed and qualified for nationals

Northside School of Dance and Miss Bel have been a revelation in dance. As I was never a dancer I was concerned that it would be all tutu's and hairspray, fortunately this is saved for exams and the annual concert. Having said that, Miss Bel insists that the children are professional and act like dancers when at the school or representing the school. My daughter loves to dance and enjoys her lessons each week. I believe that NSD has helped to build a confident and self assured little girl, who is developing an understanding of discipline and practice to ensure you can reach your potential.

Anitra - NSD Parent

My experience with NSD has been great from the very first phone call to Miss Bel.   Our daughter Illaria started dancing with NSD just under 3 years ago.  It has been the most wonderful introduction into dance and she can't wait to get to her lessons every week with Miss Bel.   Seeing Illaria blossom in such a happy and caring environment has been a wonderful journey as her parents.   What a great way to build a child’s confidence.   The hard work that Belinda has put into NSD and the dedication that she shows the girls is inspiring. I have no hesitation in recommending NSD to any parent wanting to enroll their child in a dance school that offers discipline in a fun and loving environment.

Maria - NSD Parent

My daughter Giorgia Lee has been a student at the Northside School of Dance for three years. During this time I have found Belinda Adams, the Principal of the dance school passionately committed to the dancing profession as a whole, as well as her role of principal within her dance school. As a busy parent, I appreciate Belinda’s organisation and having relevant information and dates forwarded electronically well in advance so that I can plan ahead. Belinda has also demonstrated commitment to minimising costs to families associated with concert and exam costumes through various fund raising activities through the dance school. Another aspect about NSD that I particularly appreciate is the commitment to providing students with opportunities to socialise outside of the studio including a trip to the So You Think You Can Dance Tour, Movie Night for students and general end of year break ups. Belinda has encouraged and supported Giorgia in her ability as a very young dancer and through providing Giorgia the opportunity to act as a mentor and role model to some of the younger dancers. This is an important aspect to Giorgia’s confidence building which I believe has transferred into other areas of her life. I enjoy my daughter having access to the Northside School of Dance. I don’t believe I have met any other person as committed to their profession as Belinda, which no doubt comes from her own love of dance. I wish Belinda all the success in achieving her dreams for her dance school.

Nadine - NSD Parent

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