Our virtual dance studio is a way for students to stay engaged during a time when they cannot attend the studio. This may be due to health conditions, emergency situations or family commitments. Students can log into the scheduled class and take it from the comfort of their own home or even a holiday apartment. They will feel a sense of normalcy and familiarity during what may be a difficult time for them.

This is the alternative way for students to take classes. Of course we would prefer them to be in the studio and part of our family environment but this is the next best thing. By creating a Virtual Studio, students won’t miss out on classes and this will enable them to feel a sense of normalcy.  Classes will be live and interactive, with students able to learn their current exam, class or performance work straight from their teacher.  


We won’t just be providing students with live classes, they will receive so much more to continue their dance journey and develop new skills. All of this has been created to give our students the best possible experience and still feel included and part of our dance family.


  1. Classes are delivered live on a certain day and time. Students then log into Zoom via a pre arranged link and can then take the class as if they were there. Teachers will pay attention to both students on screen and in the studio and provide corrections and feedback for both.

  2. Students can watch the class at a later date if they are unable to log in at the allocated time. Videos will be made available to all students in that class within 24 hours of the class finishing. Classes will only be available to view for a 14 day period and then will be deleted. Please note that all videos remain the property of Northside School of Dance and should not be shared with anyone or across any social media platforms.


  1. An impressive selection of videos will be available for students to view anytime.

  2. These videos will be added constantly to keep students learning new skills and combinations or working on their strength and flexibility.

  3. There will be videos for all ages and will include all genres of dance. We ask that you do not let students follow videos that may be too advanced for their age.

  4. We will even be doing story book readings for our youngest dancers.

  5. We also have access to other teachers resources so will be sharing special videos from different teachers.


We will also be providing students with new resources and activities to keep them busy and engaged in dance during this time. This may be an activity sheet, quiz or even a challenge. New resources will be sent out each week.


The following is a list of things that you need at home to make taking online classes successful for everyone:

  1. Reliable Internet - Any service fast enough to stream video. When you’re connecting to ZOOM please make sure all other internet browsers are shut down to avoid interruptions.

  2. Streaming Device - Computer, laptop or large tablet to clearly see the teacher.

  3. Space to Dance - Large enough space to move around a little bit but not much is required.

  1. Flooring - Anything that is not slippery.

  2. Way to Communicate - Any platform to stay in touch with your teacher.

  1. An Open Mind - Taking dance online is going to be different challenge and you will find you will be mirroring your instructor instead of maybe following along behind them. You will need to be open to being a critical thinker and problem solving to still get what you need from your teacher without a 360° view like at the studio. Once you adjust to taking class this way we know you will love it nearly as much as being in the studios.


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